Date:      25 October 2013
To:          All Cygnus Manufacturing Employees
From:     Carolyn B. Crouse, VP Quality & HR
Re:         Quality Department ASQ CQI Recognition

Please join me in congratulating Morgan, Paul, Chris and Jennifer who all recently passed the American Society for Quality’s (ASQ’s) Certified Quality Inspector exam!

The team started studying together April 11, 2013, for the four-hour exam.  The exam is conducted only twice a year, in March and October, by local ASQ sections and taken nationally on a pre-designated day; the 2013 October test date was set for Saturday the 5th. 

Study materials were acquired through the Quality Council of Indiana – in its most recent edition, the CQI Primer contains 580 pages.  An additional data bank was also obtained that contained 1,000 sample questions.  There were some long and challenging study sessions!  Each week, the group met to plow through each section and work problems, analyze data and challenge each other.     

Each certification applicant is required to pass a written examination that consists of 100 questions that measures comprehension of the Body of Knowledge.  The Quality Inspector Body of Knowledge, which is divided into four parts, involves Technical Math (i.e. Geometry, Trigonometry), Metrology (i.e. Variable gauges, Specialized Inspection Equipment, Measurement System Analysis), Inspection and Test (i.e. Sampling, Testing Methods) and Quality Assurance (Statistics, Statistical Process Control, Problem Solving Tools and Continuous Improvement Techniques).

ASQ, with whom CMC joined in early 2013, is a global community of people passionate about quality, who use the tools, their ideas and expertise to make our world work better.  ASQ recognizes a CQI as follows:  “The Certified Quality Inspector is an inspector who can use the proven techniques included in the body of knowledge.  The Quality Inspector performs laboratory procedures, inspects products, measures process performance, records data and prepares formal reports.”

Let’s all recognize Morgan, Paul, Chris and Jen in this great accomplishment!