May 2012


The Tribune Review recently ran an editorial on Thursday May 24, 2012 by Jim Roddey, the former Allegheny County Chief Executive.  Mr. Roddey’s position was that it was time for Pittsburgh to accelerate the focus on small to medium manufacturers in the area.  The process he described was one of reaching out to the companies and it makes tremendous sense.  Companies like CMC have great people and opportunities.  Sometimes, the resources needed to reach full potential are hard to find and solutions may need to come from collaborative efforts of the community and cannot be accomplished on a single company basis.  Organizations like Catalyst Connection certainly help in many ways including the most recent introduction of, a social interaction tool that encourages communication among manufacturing company personnel.  But Mr. Roddey’s suggestion is a good one and I applaud him for his leadership.  I am sure there are plenty of small company business owners and executives who would relish the opportunity to have their voices heard on workforce development, regulation, access to capital, transportation and supply chain issues.