Precision Assembly Services

Cygnus Manufacturing Company provides Precision Assembly services for discerning customers who rely on us to be their manufacturing partner. This allows our customers to concentrate their internal efforts on designing new products and deploying sales and marketing initiatives to maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

With a 40 Year History of Manufacturing highly sophisticated medical products that are critical in life-and-death situations to assembly of robots that move $300-500k of silicon wafers per hour through a wafer fabrication facility, if you're looking for a company to perform your assembly CMC has the experience and expertise to handle all of your requirements.

With over 30,000 square-feet dedicated to precision assembly and testing within our 100,000 square foot facility, CMC is uniquely qualified to handle every phase of precision assembly for a wide variety of applications. We incorporate full blown lean manufacturing principles from pull type work cells, Kan Bans, visual manufacturing work instructions, safety stock to two bin systems. Whether you want a simple mechanical press fit of two parts or a complete assembly of electrical and mechanical components, CMC will custom design our environment to meet your needs, including:

  • Electromechanical capabilities
  • Full product testing
  • Custom designed work cells
  • Pull type work cells
  • Lean manufacturing processes
  • Dock to stock programs
  • JIT and Kan Bans
  • Safety Stock
  • Prototype to production
  • Product development programs
  • Supplier selection and management
  • Fixture validation
  • ISTA Testing Management
  • Development & Management of BOMs and Drawings

Medical Device Assembly: CMC's medical device assembly combines our knowledge and expertise of the medical device industry and ISO 13485:2003 to provide precision assembly of medical devices and components.

Electromechanical Assembly Services: Electromechanical Assembly Services from CMC provide precision assembly of electronic and electromechanical assemblies for our OEM Customers. Electromechanical assembly is just a part of our overall precision manufacturing capabilities.

For more information about precision assembly services at CMC, call 724-352-8000 or contact us.